our sponsors

As a non-profit organisation, we rely on the generosity and support of our wonderful sponsors to help us meet the needs of our community of neurodivergent business owners.

meet our sponsors

plus accounting

“At Plus Accounting, we believe in championing inclusivity and neurodiversity in the business world. We are proud to support Joyfully Different’s work in building a more authentic and supportive professional community.”

Victoria King, Marketing Manager at Plus Accounting

Plus Accounting Logo

Plus Accounting are a firm of chartered accountants based in Brighton. They provide a comprehensive range of tax and accounting services for you and your business in Brighton & Hove and beyond. So whether you are just starting out or thinking about growing or selling your business, they’re here to help. And they’re great to work with!

Plus Accounting have generously sponsored five annual memberships to Joyfully Different in 2024, meaning we can offer £1800 worth of business support to neurodivergent folks who are starting and growing a business.



“A community like Joyfully Different is needed because it gives neurodivergent people a space to be together, a space to learn from each other and a space to hear from different neurodivergent founders.”

Tori Rodway, Event Manager at PLATF9RM

platform 9 logo

PLATF9RM is where people meet in Brighton and Hove. It’s not home and it’s not just an office – it’s a third place in the heart of the city, where businesses and creatives link up to share skills, exchange ideas and have a good time.

PLATF9RM are our venue sponsor, providing a venue for our neurodivergent-friendly networking events, workshops and panel discussions in Brighton. Without their support, we wouldn’t be able to provide such a central, accessible and inclusive venue for our community members to meet, connect and learn.

Why sponsor us?

Only 22% of autistic people are currently in employment.

40% of entrepreneurs are likely to be dyslexic, four times the national average

People with ADHD are 60%-80% more likely to have entrepreneurial intentions

And yet, mainstream business resources do not meet the needs of neurodivergent entrepreneurs. Business programs are largely inaccessible to neurodivergent people, and initiatives focused on neurodivergent people are focused on employability rather than leadership.

Additionally, most mainstream business support encourages neurodivergent people to mask, but this leads to exhaustion and burnout. 

We support neurodivergent people to create and lead businesses, enabling them to be truly fulfilled through work, as many neurodivergent entrepreneurs are motivated by social purpose and social justice.

Want to become a sponsor?

We are actively seeking sponsorship opportunities from organisations that:

  • Want to challenge the cottage industry of equality, diversity and inclusion and instead support real action and solutions led by lived experience founders
  • Understand that true equality, diversity and inclusion work is more than a tick box exercise and want to create an authentic, genuine connection between their company and the communities they serve
  • Understand embracing vulnerability is just as crucial to successful business as embracing strengths 
  • Are tired of seeing the same old business strategies and approaches rehashed and repackaged as neurodivergent, accessible or revolutionary when they are not
  • Understand supporting genuinely inclusive communities, events and initiatives is beneficial to their business, because it creates connection and builds trust with customers
Find out more about our progress, goals and sponsorship packages by downloading our sponsorship deck.