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Making entrepreneurship joyful for neurodivergent founders.

We’re a non-profit business support community and learning hub for neurodivergent business owners, freelancers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Alice and Mark, Co-Founders of Joyfully Different
Alice and Mark, Co-Founders of Joyfully Different

What is Joyfully Different?

We’re a non-profit organisation based in the UK, supporting neurodivergent business owners and leaders to start and grow their businesses with joy, freedom and authenticity as part of a supportive, neurodiverse community.

Do you want to break free from ways of being and working that don’t work for you?

Do you want to challenge the status quo of the professional world and not accept things just because “that’s how it’s done”?

Do you want to explore your differences, connect with others and be vulnerable in business?

Do you want to ask questions about business and get them answered in an honest, understanding way?

Do you want to discuss issues facing the neurodivergent community in a safe space?

Yes? You sound like our kind of person! 

Come on into our community and get your first month’s membership free.

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Joyfully Different Co-Founders, Alice and Mark


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