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I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 35, five years into running my own digital marketing business. I knew entrepreneurship would be tough, but I didn’t understand why it felt SO tough for me compared to other people. Getting my ADHD diagnosis made it all make sense. Through Joyfully Different, my goal is to support other neurodivergent business owners to create a life and career path that works for them instead of against them, bringing them fulfilment, enjoyment and success.


  • Running a successful digital marketing agency for 5.5 years
  • Published four children's books focused on diversity and inclusion
  • Public speaking and facilitating panels at a range of events
  • Leading marketing and business workshops for start-ups and SMEs
  • Performing an original stand-up comedy set after an 8-week course!

Interests: Pole fitness, camping, foraging, Sci-Fi and fantasy

Skills: Public speaking, workshop facilitation, training, marketing, branding, event management & hosting, community building


I’m a 24 year old autistic man. I’ve known I was autistic since I was 11 but never knew what that truly meant for me and my life until much later. I have been involved in the neurodiversity sector since I was 18, when I started a lobbying non-profit organisation that campaigned across the Police and NHS. My goal with Joyfully Different is to support neurodivergent people to create a life of absolute freedom, belonging and joy.


  • Victim reform policies within Sussex Police,
  • Review of critical autistic mental health initiatives in the NHS
  • Implementations of custody protocols with Sussex Police
  • Running Tunbridge Wells' first autistic pride
  • Running panels on leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Ran a lobbying non-profit
  • Performing in a musical showcase!

Interests: Chess, musicals, DC superheroes, gaming

Skills: policy building, event management, community building

OUR support Team

Heike Jord Knip

Regional champion

I am very much looking forward to supporting Joyfully Different to expand in Surrey. As a neurodivergent business owner, I know the benefits we bring to the wider community as creatives, problem solvers and much more. You will find many people from the ND community are business owners – since I have accepted my neurodivergence, I’ve noticed that many around me are as well. This is because often the climate as an employee is far from ideal for us, and there is still a need for more understanding and for change, which I advocate for in our community.


  • Working with Surrey County Council and NHS to make businesses in Surrey more inclusive
  • Board Member and spokesperson of the CDKL5 Alliance
  • Patient Advocate for my Daughter (CDKL5)
  • Speaking at events and panels on Neurodiversity and Patient Advocacy

Interests: Fantasy, Gaming, Sci-fi, Travel, History, Cultures, Outdoors, Japan, Cooking and Marvel

Skills: Data analysis, Problem Solving, Public Speaking, SEO, Neurodiversity Training, Community Building and Ideas

Lucy Brand

community & events assistant

I have found connecting with other neurodivergent people really helped me, so I didn’t feel so alone and misunderstood. Joyfully Different is the first community where I’ve felt understood and I’m excited to be a part of and contribute to it. I’ve always struggled with communities and lurked on the outskirts, but I feel like I’ve come home and found my people within the Joyfully Different Community and where I can drop the mask and be truly myself. It feels like freedom.


  • Hosting transformational healing events online for 100s of women around the world 
  • Creating a weekly spiritual podcast to help people move through their dilemmas  
  • Running a successful healing and coaching business for 7 years 
  • Enjoying a healthy, happy, loving marriage for over 12 years 

Interests: Love, Nature, Cultures, Travel, Spirituality, People, Personal Development, Healing, Dungeons and Dragons

Skills: Healing, Coaching, Spiritual Guide, Channelling, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)



I’m looking forward to supporting Joyfully Different in providing a welcome and much needed community to support neurodivergent entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and founders. I recognise the unique contribution, ideas and entrepreneurialism that neurodivergent people demonstrate when they start businesses, and am keen to be part of helping them harness unparalleled support and knowledge, designed specifically for their requirements.


  • Co-Founder of multi award-winning social enterprise HISBE Food CIC
  • Non-Exec Board Member at Social Enterprise UK
  • Independent social enterprise consultant.

Interests: Purpose-led businesses, food, human potential, dogs and Ancient Egypt

Skills: Problem solving, ideas, training, public speaking, big picture vision

Anja Gradisar

I’m ecstatic to support Joyfully Different as a neurodivergent founder. Especially after discovering the value of community for fostering confidence to take risks and get outside of your comfort zone. Owning a business and being neurodivergent tends to go hand in hand, many of us find it excruciatingly difficult to fit into the corporate world and become unstoppable forces when able to shape our own paths.


  • Built and founded a coworking space at age 22
  • Owner of organic content marketing agency, Coexist Socials
  • Speaking and facilitating for panels and events
  • Musician gaining over 2 million streams on Spotify
Interests: AI, town planning and architecture, raving, music production, Japanese food, geography
Skills: Ideas, public speaking, event management, marketing, website design, graphic design, social media

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