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In a world rife with constant EDI programs, social movements, and increasing amounts of purpose-built businesses, the pursuit of fairness and equity often overshadows the fundamental aspects of joy, meaning, fulfilment, and connection. It’s as if we are merely surviving in a joyless and heartbroken world amidst the chaos.

Now is the time for change—a call to embrace what truly brings us joy and fulfilment, recognising that understanding our passions is the anchor for helping us endure life’s challenges. 

The questions I ponder in this blog post have been driven by a peculiar episode of Rick and Morty, envisioning a world where the perpetual struggle for survival ends, and everyone’s needs are not only met but people are in abundance. It sparked a thought experiment.

In Season 6’s whimsical episode, JuRicksic Mort, presumed-extinct dinosaurs make a cosmic comeback, evolving into intelligent beings armed with advanced technology and magic. Their mission: to explore the stars and uplift civilizations across the universe.

Returning home, they find their once-idyllic planet in shambles. Offering humans a perpetual vacation with all their needs met, the dinosaurs take charge, inadvertently leading to a society grappling with restlessness and a search for meaning.

As humans attempt to reclaim purpose, even if it means sacrificing equality and ushering chaos, this unexpected plot twist raises profound questions about the pursuit of meaning and the lengths one might go to have it in their lives

Coincidentally, a member of the Joyfully Different community recently shared with me: “Systems exist to reinforce themselves”. 

Currently, the core of our societal systems is trauma. Our history is etched with wars, protests, social upheavals, social movements and perpetual dramatic bickering within our parliaments. 

It seems we seek to heal our world from trauma with trauma.

Together, let’s ask the questions no one else is asking. The questions that give us the 

answers to infusing joy and meaning into our businesses, fostering environments where authenticity is valued, unique passions find a place, and communities thrive in psychological safety and genuine and enriching empowerment. 

In essence: let’s be Joyfully Different.

Here are some pearls of wisdom that deeply resonate with me… 

Authenticity and compassion are key

As we progress through life, it is crucial to our joy to authentically discover ourselves with compassion—uncovering our communication styles, thinking patterns, vulnerabilities, and strengths. 

Cultivating self-awareness enables genuine self-expression in both our professional and personal lives. And by authentically expressing ourselves, we grant permission to those on similar journeys to do the same.

Infuse our work with passion

It is important to infuse our work with our passions, unique interests, and most importantly, the things that give us meaning. 

If your heart beats for chess, create a chess coaching business. If it’s film, become a filmmaker. If it’s words, become a writer. Your world becomes a happier and freer place if you’re following what gives you joy.

Seek out community

Finding your community is vital for your own sense of empowerment. Seek out the spaces that are safe and empowering for you. At Joyfully Different, our community goal is to aid our members in unlocking their true joy and empowering them to connect with each other authentically. 

We are continually learning to create frameworks that breathe new life into the professional world. With us, regardless of where you are from or how you identify, you will be embraced for who you are as we travel on our collective journey.

Together, we have the power to reshape businesses, ensuring meaning and joy take an unprecedented foothold in the professional world.

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